PML PKVI and KOL SSM drilling tender
Friday, 27 April 2018

April 25th, 2018

This year, PML has been awarded 2 Drilling Tenders in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan:

- PKKR/PKVI/KOL 3 years Drilling Tender: Drilling 21 wells, 34 800m

- KOL/SSM 3 years Drilling Tender: Drilling 47 wells, 76 750m, including 3500m deep wells

Total Drilling Scope of Work in Kyzylorda in next 3 years is: 68 wells, 111 550m

PML will utilize 2 or 3 drilling rigs to fulfill the contracted Scope of Work:

1. ZJ-30 Drilling Rig

2. ZJ-40 Drilling Rig

3. ZJ-30 Drilling Rig (Optional)

The ZJ 30 rig will drill WTuz-383, 1110m deep well, and should start mobilization by the end of April.

The ZJ 40 rig will drill Tuzkol #35, 3500m deep well. The Rig is being prepared for mobilization. Expected SPUD date is 1st of June.

PML has been working with PKKR/PKVI/KOL/SSM since 2001. Since that time, PML has supervised more than 1050 wells (1 600 000m) and drilled on a Turnkey basis more than 210 wells (300 000m).

Workover Supervision Project with NIS Gazprom Neft
Friday, 27 April 2018

April 25th, 2018

PML has been awarded Tender with NIS a.d. Novi Sad, Serbia, (NIS Gasprom Neft): Providing technical and engineering control (supervision) services for well servicing and workover in 2018.

On 1st of January 2018, PML successfully started this project:
Contract includes 8 positions: 1 WO Superintendent and 7 WO Supervisors.

In the first 3 months PML supervised WO operations on more than 200 wells at 22 Oil and Gas Fields, which was done by utilizing 19-21 Workover Rigs.

Technical SPE program meeting for 2018
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

On December 6th 2017 in Kac SPE Novi Sad Section had technical meeting considering the following topics:

Future section events (Plan for 2018 year)

SPE papers writing (SPE members)

Collaboration with neighbouring sections from Hungary, Croatia, Romania…

Replacement of Membership chairperson. Zsolt Buza (ID: 1622083) will perform the function instead of Damnjan Novcic (ID: 3372962) in the future

SPE-Novi Sad section members

in person:

Borivoje Pejovic (ID: 3387356) – Officer authorized representative

Snezana Sevic (ID: 4165893) – Program Chairperson

Damnjan Novcic (ID: 3372962) – Membership Chairperson

Zsolt Buza (ID: 1622083) - Officer

Natalija Radic (ID: 4165911) – Secretary




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