Surface Technology

Process & Surface Facilities and Operation Services

PM Lucas provides engineering, procurement, inspection, construction, commissioning, start-up and maintenance services of Oil & Gas Facilities. Services include mechanical, electrical and control installation and equipment at gathering station, water injection system, central processing facilities, and facilities for oil dewatering, loading and unloading facilities, tank farms, gas utilization plants and gas electrical power plants. The oil and water treatment plants can also be provided.

PM Lucas provides the full spectrum of engineering services:Tank farm

  • Flow lines
  • Pipelines
  • Production facilities
  • Pump stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Water Injection facilities
  • Gathering stations
  • Early production facilities
  • Top Loading facilities
  • Central Processing Facilities
  • Free Water Knock Out Systems
  • Electrical installations
  • Fire protection systems
  • Automatic control and regulation systems
  • SCADA systems

PM Lucas's strength comes from a staff of individuals who have strong professional engineering and technical backgrounds and worldwide experience within the industry and who are committed to meeting the client's needs, assuring control over project costs and schedule and achieving the project's success.


Civil Engineering & Building Services

PM Lucas provides every type of civil engineering, construction and maintenance services to oil & gas, water, civil, construction and related industries.
These services include, but are not limited to obtaining earth works, concrete foundations, roads, air-strips, bridges, harbor works (including service wharves) and buildings for administration, workshops, warehousing, residential and camp facilities. Road Construction
Mechanical and electrical installations, HVAC systems, water supply, waste and potable water treatment plants, power generation, gas supply systems and long distance heating systems can also be provided. 

Engineering, design, manufacture and assembly services of equipment and installation services in civil engineering and industry:

  • Water supply and sewage utilities
  • Facilities for waste water and potable water treatment
  • Central heating installations and boiler plants
  • Steam, hot water, water supply pipeline systems