Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

SafetyIt is the policy of PM Lucas to conduct their operations in a manner which protects people, the environment and property and which conforms to all applicable legislation. We are convinced that the prevention of accidents and preservation of the environment are essential in the efficient operation of our business. The well being of our employees and others is a major factor in all facets of our business. People are our valuable asset and their safety is a prime consideration to us.

No job is so important or urgent that time cannot be taken to do it safely.

PM Lucas is also conscious of the potential effects that its activities could have on the environment and of its duty to protect its employees, contractors and the general public. Towards this end, the requirements of the Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy are, as far reasonably practical:

  • to minimize all injuries at the workplace by providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment,
  • to minimize and where possible eliminate any significant adverse environmental effects arising from Lucas activities.

The policy shall be administered and implemented by management, employees and contractors.


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