Kyzan-Akshimrau Road Completed

June  19th, 2007 - Kyzan, Mangistau Region, KazakhstanKomsomolskoe oilfield – Akshimrau road construction

PM Lucas handed over road between settlements Kyzan and Akshimrau in Mangistau region to the Local government. Category IV road is 13.6 kilometer long, 10 meters wide, covered with sand-gravel mixture. To mark the occasion PM Lucas donated two new school busses to Kyzan and Akshimrau municipalities.


PM Lucas is currently building 86km road between Akshimrau and Komsomolskoe oilfeild; seven drilling platforms with infield access roads on Komsomolskoe oilfield, combined area 100,000m2, and a 13,000m2 pipe storage yard on Komsomolskoe oilfield.PM Lucas donation to local schoolsOpening of the Kyzan-Akshimrau road


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