Society of Petroleum Engineers,Novi Sad section, held its 4th ‘Distinguished Lectures’ session

September 14th, 2015

On September 14th 2015, SPE Section Novi Sad organized presentation, held by SPE distinguished lecturer Mr. Donald Purvis on the subject “Cement Testing: Are We Looking at The Right Things The Wrong Way”.

The most important aspect in wellbore construction is creating and maintaining wellbore integrity and zonal isolation. Cross flow between productive intervals or salt water zones can result in environmental and legal challenges as well as lost production. The number of wells developing annular pressure over time has become a concern and expense for operators. The design and placement of a competent cement seal in the annulus is critical when addressing these issues.

This Presentation describes how the testing has progressed from Code 32, the first API code, to the present day ISO and API guidelines. The current testing methodology detailed in these guidelines is examined and compared to the actual forces cement is exposed to in the wellbore. Four tests are examined in detail; Thickening Time, Fluid Loss, Compressive Strength and Tensile Strength. The significance of tensile strength is presented. 

The audience should gain a better understanding of what they need cement to do and the laboratory tests required to make sure it does.

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