Society of Petroleum Engineers,Novi Sad section, held its 8th ‘Distinguished Lectures’ session

February 22th, 2017

On February 22st 2017, SPE Section Novi Sad organized presentation, held by SPE distinguished lecturer Mr. Steve Morice on the subject “'Borehole Seismic Solutions for Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Modeling”.

Modern field management increasingly relies on detailed, precise 3D reservoir characterization and timely areal monitoring. Borehole seismic techniques bridge the gap between remote surface seismic observations and downhole reservoir evaluation.

The lecture illustrated the wide range of borehole seismic solutions for reservoir characterization and monitoring, using a diverse set of current and recent case study examples to understand appropriate use of borehole seismic techniques for field development and management. Lecture was also focused on DAS (distributed acoustic sensing), explaining how the technique works (with key advantages over geophones) and its ability to deliver conventional borehole seismic solutions, and its dramatic impact on field monitoring applications and business critical decisions.

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