Society of Petroleum Engineers,Novi Sad section, held its 9th ‘Distinguished Lectures’ session

May 15th, 2017

On May15st 2017, SPE Section Novi Sad organized presentation, held by SPE distinguished lecturer Mr. Wally Georgie on the subject “Your Field is Getting Older - Is your Process Engineering Still Cost Effective?”.

The lifestyle of developed fields, onshore and offshore, will go through different stages of production up to decline into late field life. Effective reservoir engineering management will lead to prolonging the life of field if a cost-effective processing surface facilities strategy is put in place. Factors that lead to the decline in oil production or increase in operating expense (Opex) may include increased water production, solids handling, and the need for relatively higher compression requirements for gas lifts. To maintain productivity and profitability, an effective holistic engineering approach to optimizing the processing surface facilities must be used. Successful operation of mature fields and their surface facilities requires successful change management to the new operating strategy. Using a holistic approach can maximize the full potential of mature processing facilities at a manageable Capex and Opex.

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