PML PKVI and KOL SSM drilling tender

April 25th, 2018

This year, PML has been awarded 2 Drilling Tenders in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan:

- PKKR/PKVI/KOL 3 years Drilling Tender: Drilling 21 wells, 34 800m

- KOL/SSM 3 years Drilling Tender: Drilling 47 wells, 76 750m, including 3500m deep wells

Total Drilling Scope of Work in Kyzylorda in next 3 years is: 68 wells, 111 550m

PML will utilize 2 or 3 drilling rigs to fulfill the contracted Scope of Work:

1. ZJ-30 Drilling Rig

2. ZJ-40 Drilling Rig

3. ZJ-30 Drilling Rig (Optional)

The ZJ 30 rig will drill WTuz-383, 1110m deep well, and should start mobilization by the end of April.

The ZJ 40 rig will drill Tuzkol #35, 3500m deep well. The Rig is being prepared for mobilization. Expected SPUD date is 1st of June.

PML has been working with PKKR/PKVI/KOL/SSM since 2001. Since that time, PML has supervised more than 1050 wells (1 600 000m) and drilled on a Turnkey basis more than 210 wells (300 000m).

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